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  • Smart Wildfire Valve - Dual Zone Setup - Built For Wildfire Protection 


    Optional add-on: Wildfire Protection Kit


    Now Available and instock!


    • 1 Gateway/Hub
    • 2 Smart Valves 


    • Automate your wildfire sprinklers with the new Smart Wildfire Valve from Modern Wave Systems. 
    • Remote control through a dedicated app. Available on both 10S and Android.
    • Pre-configured schedules allow for quick deployement when time is of the essence.
    • The Valve will continue to function when the power and internet goes down.
    • The only Smart Water Valve built for Wildfire Protection.


    *Product may not be exactly as shown in photos

    Dual Zone - Smart Valve

    C$650.00 Regular Price
    C$455.00Sale Price
      • $350 USD - Valve only
      • $450 USD - Bundle
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