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  • Optional add-on: Smart Wildfire Valve


    WASP Full Wildfire Protection Kit w/Splitter (1 Zinc 2 Way Gated Valve/Splitter, 2 Sprinklers, 2 Gutter Mounts, 2 Wall Mounts, 50 Feet of Hose)

    Get the protection you need from wildland fires and forest fires. Don't miss out and regret not taking action. Until recently these systems were only available to the firefighting community, but WASP Manufacturing is bringing them to you! The typical home will need 1-2 kits for maximum protection.

    "When the sprinkler systems were deployed and put to use to protect structures, they worked exceptionally well. The only way I can describe it was that it looked like an island of green in a sea of black".
    Lieutenant Greg Broadway, Thornhill Fire Department

    This outdoor fire prevention system protects your home and the surrounding area from fires by soaking your roof and grounds and raising the humidity in the immediate area. We use high-quality agricultural-grade sprinkler heads to project water up to 33 feet in every direction from the sprinklers.

    These systems are incredibly easy to install just put the sprinkler in a gutter mount and lift to hook onto your gutter with a painter's pole, pool skimmer, broom handle, rake, or any long pole! If your house doesn't have gutters you can install the wall mounts onto any fence or outdoor wall. Each sprinkler comes with a 25-foot hose to reach the nearest water spigot.


    • 1 Zync Gated Wye Garden Hose Splitter
    • 2 Agricultural-Grade Sprinkler Heads
    • 50 Feet of Forestry-Grade Hose (hose colour may vary from White/Orange kit by kit)
    • 2 Gutter Mounts
    • 2 Wall Mounts
    • Sets Up in Minutes with No Tools Required.
    • Protect Your Most Valuable Assets, Your Pets, and Your Family Members!

      WASP Manufacturing is made in Canada and the USA & strive to provide the best service and products for our customers. We know that when you need it this will be some of the most important equipment that you ever use. That's why we build our wildfire protection to the highest quality, from the smallest gaskets to the largest pump we provide the best available equipment.

    Wildfire Protection Kit - w/Splitter

    C$255.00 Regular Price
    C$229.50Sale Price
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