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  • Aeotec's Range Extender 7

    Z-Wave manages your automations. Range Extender 7 manages Z-Wave.


    Extreme performance. Extreme compatibility.


    • Empowered by Aeotec's exclusive Gen7 technology, but not limited by it, Range Extender 7 is compatible with all new and old generations of Z-Wave technology.
    • Through its universal compatibility, Range Extender 7 is able to repeat and amplify Z-Wave signals from as Z-Wave devices as old as those using 100 series antennas and S0 security, all the way up to newer devices which use either 500 or 700 series and S2 security.


    Z-Wave devices that plug into a power outlet typically include some kind of repeater technology which can lead to some installers using a Z-Wave smart plug instead of a dedicated repeater. But not all repeaters are born equal.


    Engineered and custom-crafted for one task, and one task alone, 100% of Range Extender 7’s 2.2 inch fascia is completely focussed on capturing, amplifying, and repeating weak and lagging Z-Wave signals up to 150 meters!

    Z-Wave Repeater

    SKU: ZW189
    C$110.00 Regular Price
    C$75.00Sale Price
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